Hits For Shits: Fast Food (CD)

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Hits For Shits: Fast Food (The Collection)


1. Stereo
2.Honey Baby
3. Maniacs
4. Brown Note
5. Absolute Hideous
6. Luna
7. Drew Was Shot
8. The World Is A Stage
9. Taxfree
10. Kokt Special
11. GPS
12. What’s A Burglar Supposed To Do?
13. Vampire
14. The Smell Of Shit
15. Happy Idiots
16. Small Brain And A Beach
17. Blacklisted
18. Things That Go Bump In The Night
19. Ungoliant
20. Pink Socks And Alligator Shoes
21. Holographic Heaven
22. Goblin Patrol
23. Sad But True
24. Bilderburg Blues
25. Depopulation
26. Gaga Goes Shopping

All songs by Patric Liljestrand.
Produced by Patric Liljestrand.
Recorded and mixed in Kristinehamn and Slottsbron, Sweden, with The Cosmo Mobile Studio.

© 2017 FramSteget MUSIC

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